Brain Institute

Winner of Pan-University Research Institute

Professor Jaideep Kapur in the labThe University announced the winner of the Pan-University Research Institute competition is the UVA Brain Institute, led by Professor Jaideep Kapur, M.D., Ph.D., from the Department of Neurology, with team members from Arts & Sciences, Curry, the School of Medicine, and SEAS.

The competition between the final five proposals was quite strong, evidence of faculty interest in addressing high-priority societal issues with transdisciplinary teams from across Grounds.

The UVA Brain Institute will address important grand challenges in the frontiers of understanding, treating, and reverse-engineering the brain. The Institute will draw on expertise from over 80 faculty in at least four schools and the Data Science Institute, and will leverage cluster faculty hires in neurosciences, biomedical data sciences, traumatic brain injury, and autism. Its clearly defined objectives and strong leadership from several schools will advance UVA “from prominence to pre-eminence” in this field, one of great importance for society and an expressed priority for state and federal government.