Pan-University Institutes

Explore to Build - 2018-19 Selected Projects

Institute for The Dynamics of Healthy Development
Steven Boker, CLAS, Psychology

Department of Psychology, This institute will organize and promote research that pertains to understanding processes of human development (biological, psychological, educational, social, and environmental) and in particular will focus on the trajectories of development that occur in healthy individuals. While curing and prevention of disease is important, insufficient resources have been devoted to the variety and complexity of healthy development over the lifespan.

Cyber Innovation and Society
Jack Davidson, SEAS, Computer Science

The mission of the Cyber Innovation and Society Institute is to carry out multidisciplinary research and education initiatives that focus on the complex technical, social and policy challenges posed by emerging cyber innovations to ensure that cyber technology benefits all of society equally, fairly and dependably.

Initiative for the Study of Equity Through Community Engaged Scholarship
Dayna Matthew, Law

This initiative seeks to produce high impact, interdisciplinary scholarship that addresses systemic inequities through community engaged research.  Further, this initiative will develop ways to translate its research into interventions that concretely contribute to repairing historic inequities, broken trust, and trauma experienced in places where leading research universities can apply their considerable intellectual and other resources to educate students, disseminate knowledge, and collaborate with communities to build just, sustainable, and democratic institutions, that support an equitable society.

This year we will select 3-6 innovative, collaborative projects through the Letter of Intent (LOI) process and fund each with $80,000 to advance their exploratory research.

The funds are intended to stimulate creative collaborations across disciplines at a large scale, better preparing teams to compete for the next Pan-University Institute search in 2018-19.

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  • Who is eligible? All UVA faculty & staff
  • Does it need to have multiple schools involved? YES,
  • 2017-18 will be a preparatory round | 2018-19 will name next Institute
  • LOI due November 13, 2017 | We will select 3-6 projects @$80K
  • Have a question? Email


Date Event
September 6, 2017 Pan-U Celebration Launch Event
October 4, 2017 Possible Q & A Forum
November 13, 2017 LOI Proposals Due
December 11, 2017 Announce Selected Projects
January - August 2018 Projects Ad Hoc Consulting
September 2018 Launch 2018-2019 Process


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