About Planning at UVA

A History of Planning

Under the leadership of the President, the University periodically undertakes a comprehensive strategic planning process.  During this time, the entire University community is asked to contribute ideas and provide input on the development of a new strategic plan.  Each new strategic plan builds on the progress and success of previous plans, sets new aspirations for the institution, and establishes goals that will further propel the University in realizing its mission.  The University's current strategic plan, The Cornerstone Plan, was approved in November 2013, and implemented starting in the 2014-2015 academic year.


Coordination with School and Department Plans

Each school, department, and operating unit within the University serves a distinct role in fulfilling the mission of the University.  For this reason, individual schools, departments and units develop their own strategic plans.  These strategic plans are influenced by the University’s strategic plan, and also include additional strategies and goals unique to their individual purposes and missions.